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The place to store things not on my normal blog. Everything reblogged here pertains to me or was written personally.

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THE DAILY HEY NOW!: [RPDR 5 - Episode 4 Recap] Nut Cracker



Droppin’ babies at da club

Vivienne dryly flips her invisible wig hair to the girls simply having too much personality. Though Roxxxy would easily get on my nerves, I’m not a drag queen who deals with large personalities on a weekly basis. And “big personalities” usually means “I don’t know…

THE DAILY HEY NOW!: [RPDR - Episode 3 Recap] Are You Afraid Of The Shade?



I could see how you’d feel that way.

Editor’s Note - RPDR sometimes goes blurry on my computer so the screencaps are blurry at moments, forgive me.

Damn Queerty using the the title I already had planned. It’s what I get for waiting to your reading schedule, children.

Episode 12: Fashionably Late by Wuthering Lows on Mixcloud

THE DAILY HEY NOW!: [RPDR - Episode 2 Recap] Lip Smackers


Since I tricked some RPDR fans into reading, I figured (begrudgingly) that I might as well do a recap. Normally I try to be diplomatic but I’ll have to be harsh this kind of show, but know there are things I’m holding back. And I love you all, darlings. Cop out preface done.


It was…